Anyone that brings their garments into the dry cleaner wants them coming back looking their best. Pressed with minimal to no wrinkles, no imperfections, and packaged perfectly. The question you are asked first after dropping off laundered button down business shirts is: Starch preference? Thinking Face on Apple


If you’re a first time dry cleaning customer, this question might be perplexing. What is starch? What is it’s purpose? Well, to put it simply, starch gives your shirts a “crisp, clean” look. It stiffens the material so it’s easier to press and keeps most wrinkles out. However, there is too much of a good thing! You might walk in thinking “I want heavy starch” (because it’s something you’ve overheard on television/movies), but be wary that your garments are going to come back to you pretty “boxy”. There’s nothing wrong with this look! However, this look is best for the work environment, not so much going out on the town. Another problem with too much starch is your shirts might come back with a shine.


When it comes to starch, most cotton, denim, and linen will take it. More breathable materials such as silk, polyester, spandex, wool, and rayon will not.


Personally, I prefer a light starch. My shirts still keep their fluid look (with a few natural wrinkles) but are still crisp around the shoulder blades, collar, and chest area. As far as jeans go, most prefer no starch but there are some that prefer “Texas Starch” such as…



Remember, your style is always up to you!

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

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