La France Dry Cleaners & Alterations is happy to announce that yes, we take payments via Apple Pay, Android Pay, & Samsung Pay!

Mobile Phone payments are the safest form of payment because your phone does not use your actual credit or debit card information when it completes a payment. Instead, a virtual account number is created to represent your account information — thus keeping your personal details safe! Depending on your security settings, to validate your payment, you need to use your thumb print or a personal pin code – another layer of protection. Plus, at the end of the day, you get a notification of your phone payments for that day, so you can keep track of any suspicious activity.

Phone payments are insanely fast, so you can pick-up / drop off your clothes and be on your way. So leave your wallet in the car, and pay with your mobile device next time you come into La France Dry Cleaners & Alterations.

Thanks so much, we appreciate your business!

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